Esther's Place

Esther's Place

March 4, 2014

5 Cousins, 3 Cemeteries and a Piggly Wiggly

What has this got to do with family history?

Let me explain...

When I am not dreaming up interesting ways to share our family history or creating photo jewelry and gifts, you will find me researching family history.  Sometimes my own family's history.  Other times history for my genealogy clients.  I really do find a trip to the NC Archives or a local (dusty) courthouse a treat.

But my favorite kind of research?

Getting away from the computer and poking around local churches and cemeteries! (Just so you know - I do not go to the little country churches alone.  I want to be smart and safe in my research.)

One  Sunday afternoon I found myself in the van in rural Lee County, NC with 5 cousins.  We stopped at 3 cemeteries - two church and one town cemetery.  I found ancestors galore, took a ton of photographs and heard more family stories than I could possibly write down.

We talked, we laughed and we topped off the trip with a quick stop at the Piggly Wiggly. (If you are not from the south, that's a grocery store!)

While I collected ancestors' names and dates, my research turned up something much more valuable to me as a family historian.

I found connections - deeper and stronger connections with my cousins simply by being with them. We created our own piece of family history together that day.

I challenge you to go and create your own family history today.