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Esther's Place

About Me

Welcome to the blog for Esther's Place!  I am so glad you stopped by.

My name is Lisa. I love all things related to  family history - especially sharing it! 

You, too?  Great!  You are in the right place.

Family history comes in all forms: 
  • formal genealogical records
  • photographs
  • stories handed down through the generations
  • oral histories just to name a few. 
Here on the blog you will find fun ways to share your family history with your family.  You will also find tips for gathering that family history information from your relatives as well as storing the photos and family memorabilia.

My background:
I started researching my genealogy and family history about 7 years ago.  I quickly became....well, obsessed with my ancestors and their stories.  My family has been gracious in all that they have shared including stories, photographs and family mementos. (I think they saw an opportunity to clean out their closets!)

Out of a desire to share with my family the many photographs I have collected during my genealogical research, I made a coaster set featuring my great grandmothers.  Immediately they became conversation starters and family members began sharing stories about previous generations.  I began creating jewelry and home decor items as well and out of this experience was born Esther’s Place. 

At Esther’s Place, you provide digital copies of photos of your loved ones and from these are created unique heritage gifts for you and your family.

Interested in more formal genealogy research into your family?  I do that, too.  You can see my list of genealogical services at Lisson Genealogy Services.  Feel free to contact me if I can help you.