Esther's Place

Esther's Place

March 29, 2013

Resources for Preserving Family Photographs

It is no surprise that I love vintage - or should I just say old- photographs. I have quite a collection that covers several family lines.  I also have a number of unidentified photographs. Most of the photographs are loose, not in albums or scrapbooks.  (I am very appreciative of my ancestors who made and saved scrapbooks!)

Unidentified Tintype

So, the question is just how do I protect and store these old photographs?  

I'm no expert in this area.  I'm still a newbie when it comes to preservation of photographs.  I do know how to research, though.  (Google is my friend.)
Below I have listed a few of the websites I have found very helpful as I work to preserve my photos. I hope you find them helpful as well.
I confess I find the scope of my personal preservation project overwhelmingDeciding where to start was  difficult.   I finally just picked one photograph and started there.  Funny, just picking one photograph got me going.

Share your preservation stories.  I'd love to hear and learn from others working to preserve their family photographs.